I help organizations deliver innovative, quality IT products and services to their customers using Lean Product Management techniques and rapid releases with Continuous Delivery and DevOps.

Grappling with competitive pressure, increased costs, shifts in technology and regulation can make it hard to know what can make or break your continued success. You listen to your customers, make plans, work hard to execute and measure them – yet your IT investments still feel risky.

Wake up and realize you are wasting money by trying to deliver IT products and services the same way that a factory manufactures physical goods!

I help teams exploit the advantages in delivering IT offerings through Delivery Acceleration, and you’ll soon find that this isn’t your typical “agile” delivery process. You’ll release ideas all the time like Facebook, Yahoo, Etsy, and the other big boys do. I can’t wait to show you this common sense approach that provides a higher level of satisfaction for your team and customers. I support you every step of the way, working with you and your team to implement and use your investments in delivery optimization as efficiently as possible.

The five phases of delivery acceleration

I’ve helped teams across a variety of industries to ensure that the way they bring their IT offerings to market is sustainable.
Reach out to me so I can open your eyes to what may have been preventing you from your next success. Your team will enjoy work more and feel confident trying out ideas by investing less and releasing a little at a time as your customers guide you to what they love about your IT offerings.