I’ve been using Firefox as my primary browser here at work but still use IE to test for cross-browser support of projects and when Windows authentication is required. When I need to use IE, I really miss my del.icio.us addin that is available for Firefox. I’ve got over 400 tagged, neatly organized bookmarks that I can bring with me from computer to computer on Firefox.

If you upgrade to IE8 RC1, there is a version available now for IE! This addon is GREAT if you use del.icio.us. It provides the same features as the existing firefox addin now available in all their glory when I have to use Internet Explorer. I have to admit that the new standards based rendering for IE8 seems greatly improved as well.

If you still haven’t “got” social bookmarking, here’s a great concept video that lays it all out.

microsoft, social, technologies

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