This video contains a presentation by Stephen Elop who recently joined Microsoft about a year ago. He certainly is a great presenter and the technologies showcased here are very exciting. I’ve been waiting for these kinds of advancements in user interface since IE4, which is in my opinion that last truly big innovation in UI prior to the iPhone. Silverlight, AJAX, DOM manipulation, social networking, and animation and effects have all been around since 1998 but it has taken the industry a long time to make these available to everyday businesses and projects.

I find it interesting that Stephen says these technologies and this vision is based on having these systems prevalent even in light of our current economic challenges in the next 10 years. I personally do not watch mainstream television because I have done enough independent research to know that the vast majority of economic and political advise is frankly false. I wonder what economic forecast this vision took into account to make this statement.

Regardless, this is a great video.


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