As the market continues to offer more ways to share data between interested parties, handling the increased volume and placing importance on managing it appropriately to draw conclusions can be a competitive advantage. While some teams are naturally data-driven and design for this capability up front, I see many situations where the needs of the business are blocked by the pace at which IT solutions can keep up. I have worked with clients in energy, health care, finance and manufacturing and each of these lenses through which to look at business processes encounters unique challenges.

I can help you evaluate your maturity in managing data and provide an experienced perspective on where opportunities may exist to make design changes that will sustain the needs of your business, and also offer assistance with continuous delivery of data management and analytical solutions that employ master data management and data quality checks. To draw meaningful conclusions from the data your business uses, it must be accurate, accessible and secure.

I would also be happy to assist you in evaluating infrastructure options for hosting your data using big data technologies on the Hortonworks or Cloudera platforms using Apache Hadoop on-premise or in the cloud. Each of these platforms, and the infrastructure upon which you host them, has unique impacts on your ability to provide the performance and availability requirements of your IT offerings and are at varying levels of maturity with respect to securing access to the data.

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