In 2012 I began helping clients in Austin, Texas to implement Continuous Delivery on their teams. After working with several of these clients to deliver various types of offerings, I came up with a repeatable process for assisting them. This process accelerates the timelines before your team sees benefits and focuses on effectively communicating the vision that needs to be shared with everyone involved to be successful.

It’s important to me that clients I work with see the big picture and know where things are headed during our engagement. To keep things progressing smoothly as we work together, I provide services that fall naturally into five phases of what I call Delivery Acceleration. The first two phases are completed as part of a Delivery Maturity Evaluation while the remaining three are repeated until your staff is able to institutionalize them.

The five phases of delivery acceleration

1. Evaluate

The process of accelerating delivery and optimizing profit from your IT value chain starts with me evaluating your team’s delivery maturity. This phase is about me getting to know how the business measures potential investments in technology and how your staff currently works together. I find that the people who I interview enjoy the opportunity to give me their history of the team and their ideas, and I always keep individual responses private. I also gather some information on the tools and procedures in use. This information helps us focus our efforts on the aspects of delivery that will provide you with the most value.

2. Recommend

After evaluation, I get the stakeholders from your team together to share themes I heard during the interviews to uncover what’s going well and where there may be opportunities for improvement. These improvements are based on modern practices I see in top performing teams adjusted for the nuances of your unique situation. During the discussion, we work together to create an initial road map and priority for the improvements I’ve recommend that are agreeable to those who attend. I can work with you to support conversations and provide the collateral needed to communicate what we find to your broader team afterwards.

3. Educate

Following the conclusion of the evaluation, I offer cross-functional coaching to the various roles in the organization so we can keep momentum going with the tasks that were identified during the recommendation discussion. I find that it is helpful for teams that already have a full workload to benefit from my experience and dedication to them as they start to take ownership of any new tools or processes that emerge as plans for the improvements are made.

4. Accelerate

Depending on the unique technical challenges of your IT offerings and the improvements that are recommended, I can help you automate releases of your IT assets to ideal customers and put appropriate quality gates in place. I can also offer assistance in making sure you are managing data efficiently to give your business the ability to get answers to the questions it has through analytics.

5. Measure

There are some metrics I like to capture about the improvements we will make that are common to all of my clients, and others that can be of high value to you that will be unique to your IT offerings. The goal of these improvements is both to get better insight into how your IT offerings are being used and to identify opportunities for eliminating inefficiency in the delivery process.

Throughout Delivery Acceleration, I will be open and courteous about letting you know if the team members we’re depending on for the success of our initiatives need a little help with scheduling from you to keep things moving forward. I always respect that it can be disruptive to make changes to the way people work together and it often takes patience and a commitment to excellence to see it through.

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