The way you go about delivering your product or service is just as important as the features themselves. I’ve seen many ideas start-up within a company that ultimately fail because the way the team goes about delivering them isn’t sustainable. If you’re thinking about making a change to the way you deliver IT assets and want to put in just the right balance of quality checks to release a compelling offering but without slowing you down, I can help you evaluate your maturity in this area.

A delivery maturity evaluation is a fixed price project that depends on the number of people involved, complexity of your solution, and offerings you want me to focus on. I have created a set of interviews and checklists that I use to evaluate the maturity of a team or organization across aspects of release management that are critical to putting you on the path to continuous delivery from your IT value chain.

The activities I perform in a maturity evaluation are:

  • I interview key operational staff to get an outside perspective on perception of procedures for:
    • Idea generation
    • Prioritization and cost-of-delay analysis
    • Requirement approval
    • Release planning
    • Work management
    • Managing assets and/or source code
    • Quality
    • Environments
    • Deployment
    • Data
    • Support
    • Feedback and improvement
  • I take inventory of your IT infrastructure
  • I interview key business stakeholders to understand goals and challenges

At the conclusion of the evaluation you will be provided with:

  • Grades for your maturity in each aspect of delivery that has an impact on your profitability
  • A presentation to staff on themes of pain your team is experiencing and techniques that can be used to remedy them
  • A working session to collaborate on a road map providing you with next steps to make improvements

Upon completion of the evaluation, I offer additional phases of help as part of Delivery Acceleration to tackle the highest impact improvements that are recommended.